1. So I’ve recently had an “ex”, if you can call her that, attempt to talk shit on me regardless of me being friendly and supportive of her decisions. Her claims are as such: that I “downgraded”, am a liar, am a cheater, and am worthless. Well considering the girl I am with now is much better as a whole, have never lied to her (even now), was sleeping with her even though she was and still is married, and have 10+ years in the army and several side jobs and she has never ONCE had a single job….yeah, I’m pretty sure I win this round. I may post some pics of her that I’ve had saved for far too long, but she won’t care since she posts the same on here. #LadyScarlett #dumbshit #checkyourfacts

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  2. Seriously


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  3. Vacation

    So due to major issues at home and my quarter ending at school, I’ve decided to take a small vacation. The downside is I have no clue where I should go.

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  4. So I just got a vasectomy and found something out…

    Most painful thing ever? Local Anesthesia to the sack!

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  5. So I was driving on the highway with Jen and we passed a car from Hawaii and she suddenly said “oooohh I’m from Hawaii, hola!” in a mocking voice… Then she realized Hawaiians generally don’t speak Spanish.

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  6. So I just farted and got the strangest look as it made this FLAP FLAP FLAP sound from the gas squeezing between my sack and leg…then I got punched by my gf. It was so worth it.

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  7. FOX News: Democratic rep ridiculed for fumbling facts on gun magazines

    This woman needs to be removed from office due to incompetency!

    Democratic rep ridiculed for fumbling facts on gun magazines, http://fxn.ws/XRmnZJ - Sent via the FOX News Android App.

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  8. enochianwarbirds:


    i borrowed my friend’s laptop and here’s the desktop


    which is a little creepy but ok

    but did you know that you can set your desktop to change every now and then




    1. I want these backgrounds!
    2. I sense a lack of knowledge of the horrifying weeping angels

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  9. Awesome dinner at a local middle eastern restaurant….I could eat it everyday!

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